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A full service baseball agency specializing in baseball operations and athlete marketing & branding.

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Paragon Sports International



Our mission is to build, maintain, protect and monetize our athletes' brands.

Paragon's marketing team provides a comprehensive and custom strategic marketing plan for each client, and includes brand management, PR, social media, community relations and sponsorship services.


The process begins with a clear definition of the athlete's authentic brand. We identify key brand pillars and build a strategy around them. The goal is to raise awareness of who the athlete is as a person off the field, at home and in the community.


We then create a comprehensive strategy that includes social media, community and public relations plans to amplify the brand messages we want to promote.


We evaluate every decision based on our athlete marketing plans to ensure that each opportunity supports the athlete's brand messages and authentically fit with the athlete's brand.


Social Media

We create social media strategies and individualized plans to grow the athlete's audience.


We identify local charities which the athlete can associated with and create impactful community programs.

Public Relations

Our in-house PR team engages with local and national media, and works with team and league PR executives to create strategic PR plans.


We create extensive target sponsor lists and identify decision makers at each target company. We reach out to them with custom collateral that highlights the athlete's brand and community engagement.

Business Development

Paragon's marketing team has created numerous business opportunities and "Legacy Projects" for individual clients.